Town History

Set on the right side of a field, the village of Tirianae is home to 100 000 people lead by Marshal Alred.
This village wasn't built by a field by accident, as it has high coal reserves, which is of great importance to the people of Tirianae and its success.

The village itself looks macabre. With its half rotten rooftops, faded granite walls and scary animals, Tirianae has a macabre atmosphere.
The main attraction is the castle, which was built 30 years ago and designed by high priests who lived nearby.

Tirianae has a declining economy, which is mainly supported by wine brewing, alchemy and armorsmithing. But their biggest strengths are rare wood production and ancient wine brewing techniques.
However, Tirianae lacks people skilled in herbalism.

Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Tirianae is most likely headed towards a enjoyable future under the leadership of Marshal Alred. But this remains to be seen.